Tips for When You are Selling

Determining The Value Of Your House: 

The Buyer is the one who ultimately decides the value of any item, whether it be a car, commodities or a home.  If the item is over-priced, the Buyer will go elsewhere. 

In order for you  to compare your home to similar properties and establish a competitive list price, the following points should be considered:


1.  Location - both the subdivision and the street

2. Size

3.  Style - what style is in most demand

4.  Condition - includes inside upgrades and outside as well

5. Garage or no garage

6.  Pool or not

7.  What are the neighbouring houses like

8.  Community Amenities such as which schools and parks

9. Supply of homes on the market

10. General Economy of the area

11. Financing Options  

A competent Realtor can provide a Comparative Market Analysis to give you an indication of what today‚Äôs Buyers are willing to pay for a home such as yours.  It compares the market activity of homes similar to yours in your neighbourhood.  Those that have recently sold represent what Buyers are willing to pay.  The homes currently listed for sale represent the price Sellers hope to obtain and are in competition with you for the Buyers for your price range.   Information can also be provided on those listings that have expired.  Expired listings were generally overpriced or marketed poorly.  

I will be pleased to prepare a comparative market analysis for your home based on the most current market information.  Together you and I can determine a proper price for listing your home by taking all of these factors into account along with the timing you wish to achieve.


Have the Realtors explain the costs involved in selling a house and get some idea of how informed they are in terms of the price range you are considering.